We love Sipes Architect’s stylistic approach and their intentional collaboration on a custom home. The dynamic of the team is enthusiastic and they’ve been able to get us where we need to be despite numerous challenges. The home will be uniquely ours and we can’t wait to live there!

“The space is simply beautiful – open and filled with light. The addition gave us everything we asked for and exceeded our every expectation, we love it!”

Meadow Road Client

The Meadow Road project site is 7+ acres yet careful site analysis illustrated only a small portion of an old hay meadow, at the base of a steep hill, as an appropriate building site. Views were of the utmost importance and required elevating the main level to fully capture views of the mountains to the south.

A three-level form emerged with a long and tall walkout lower level parallel to and benched into the hillside and upon which the rest of the house is founded. The resulting orientation allowed for a large outdoor gathering space at the south end connected to the great room with a large pocketing sliding door. The dining room hangs over and protects the entry allowing it the same southern views. The master, one level above moves west gaining those same views while staying close to the hillside an providing a sheltered space for mechanical equipment.

  • Residential  |  New Construction  |  3,900 sf  |  Edwards  |  Ready for Construction